Kitchen and Rear House Extensions in Woodley and the Surrounding Areas | How to Make Your New Living Space Work for Your Family

Once we’ve finished constructing your new house extension, the next step is interior design and layout. This can be as stressful as the actual build, considering the amount of furniture you may require, and how many people you’re trying to accommodate in the one space. Don’t rush to purchase new pieces. Take your time, and make a list of what each family member would like to have in this newly created area.

Social Yet Practical

Whether having one of our single-storey or large-scale extensions constructed at your Woodley property, our designers and builders at SkilledBuild Developments are happy to assist with interior options. Our kitchen, rear-facing and wraparound extensions all present clients with blank canvasses, and we’re happy to offer the following suggestions for functional living spaces:

Don’t have everything focused in one area. Spread your furniture out to accommodate different social aspects. Relaxing, reading, gaming or play, and entertainment should all have allocated spaces.

If installing bi-fold, French or sliding doors, set your entertainment zone around this section in order for socialising to flow out onto the patio area. For allocated dining areas, don’t have too long of a walk between the table and the kitchen.

Will your new living space in Woodley have an original feature you’d like to highlight? If so, position the furniture to focus on this single point. This tends to be the fireplace, but your feature could easily refer to a vintage coffee table, a unique piece of art, or a feature window that emphasises natural light.

SkilledBuild Developments’ kitchen, large-scale, rear-facing, single-storey, and wraparound extensions are all designed to create comfort and practicality. If an extension plan leaves a smaller area unoccupied, why not consider transforming it into a designated home cinema? By painting the walls and ceilings in a dark, atmospheric shade and filling out the area with oversized seating, you’ll have the comfort of a personal media room.

Embrace them rather than filling them in. Alcoves remove the monotony of standard walls and adding character when highlighted with features. Floor-to-ceiling shelving, with comfortable armchairs in front, instantly creates a reading nook. They also work well as areas for home offices or hobby tables.

The internet is awash with sites designated to creating the perfect living space for you and your family. And our experience has provided us with a wealth of relevant knowledge to share.

For twenty years, we have been designing and constructing bespoke kitchen, large-scale, rear-facing, single-storey and wraparound extensions for houses across Woodley and the surrounding areas. We’re a leading name in clever design and progressive thinking, and we look forward to extending your home in the future.

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