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Single-Storey House Extensions in Woodley, Reading and the Surrounding Areas

There are many advantages to single-storey extensions which tend to be overlooked due to the myth that any addition to a property must incorporate as much space as possible. We disagree. Why go to such expense if all that’s required is a small area that frees up an existing room? If a single-story house extension will suffice, and provide the extra facilities you require, then it’s advantageous to budget accordingly.

We’ve been designing and constructing a range of house extensions for our clients in Woodley, Reading and the surrounding areas since 2002. For over twenty years, SkilledBuild Developments Ltd has gained a reputation as a company with an eye for detail, and excellent service, and a professional approach to every project we manage. As a small, family-run unit, we focus on the comfort and practicality our range of rear-facing, wraparound and side extensions can provide.

Single-Storey Options

Our range of house extensions are planned and built to complement existing properties seamlessly. We can, if clients prefer, construct statement features that incorporate modern twists whilst still remaining true to their environment. Whatever style is preferred, we will bring that vision to life.

For more about our unique and stylish designs, please contact us at our Reading premises. Serving Woodley and all localities throughout Surrey and Berkshire, it’s our aim at SkilledBuild Developments to create additional spaces that provide practicality and polish.

Is There Any Advantage?
When deciding on the right extension for you, our experienced team will discuss your requirements at length in order to ensure you’re completely satisfied.

As already mentioned, our single-storey house extensions will enhance the look of any property. The main, and most important, advantage being that of additional light. A double-storey extension can certainly add illumination to the upper floors but this will be limited downstairs. We do suggest bi-folding doors for our rear-facing and wraparound house extensions, but for our side-return additions, this won’t be possible.

SkilledBuild Developments can solve the issue by installing sky lights or Velux windows to the roof of any single-storey extension. These allow natural light to flood the entire interior vertically.

Our side-return extensions are usually planned to facilitate a new kitchen, allowing the original area to be utilised as an additional dining or living room. With unique and clever design, we will increase storage and workspace, creating an area you’ll want to spend more time in.

Did you know that clients who have new kitchen extensions designed and built by our experienced and talented team are likely to eat more healthily? It’s a known fact that people who don’t like their current kitchens avoid spending time in them, hence quick meals and unhealthy options.

Naturally illuminated areas brighten our moods and productivity as well. Therefore, we can also recommend our single-storey extensions for home offices, hobby rooms, and gyms.

Whatever you decide for your new house extension in Woodley, Reading or the surrounding areas, you can be assured that we will make it happen, bringing that vision to life with professionalism, expertise and reliability.

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