Kitchen and Wraparound Extensions in Reading and the Surrounding Areas | Illuminating Ideas for Your Interior Space

As we already discussed, allowing natural light to flow into your property illuminates the interior completely. Not only is this an energy-saving bonus – artificial light doesn’t have to be switched on as early – additional glass panels allow for more warmth to penetrate your property. For those who are environmentally conscious, this is a definite selling point. And speaking of selling points, bright and airy rooms are a plus for potential buyers if you do decide to relocate at some stage.

SkilledBuild Developments Ltd can install a selection of novel and creative options that will add brightness to your Reading interior whilst still providing practicality. Bringing vision to life takes on a whole new meaning with our solutions for additional light sources for rear-facing, large-scale, single-storey, wraparound, and kitchen extensions.

Let There be Light

The following are some suggestions as to how we can truly light up your life with clever thinking:

A modern twist on additional brightness is available in the form of a glass-panelled staircase. Regardless of its current shape, a glass replacement - complete with transparent balustrade - will add depth to any room or hallway. With light flowing down the steps from above, and through the supporting panels, this is truly a unique option.

Interior Panelling
Who said windows have to be on the outside? Interior glass panels are an alternative to the standard solid walls we’re all used to. For discretion, the panels could be placed at picture rail height. Or, if slotted into a wall to make a design feature, glass blocks or an etched pattern could provide much-needed privacy instead.

Roof Lights
Here our team at SkilledBuild Developments have a few ideas. Roof lanterns make a perfect solution for kitchen or rear-facing single-storey house extensions. They’re especially sympathetic to traditionally designed properties or listed buildings. Velux windows work well for pitched roofs, particularly on wraparound extensions.

Or is it the ceiling? Not for everyone, a glass panel inserted between the floor and ceiling of your Reading home will stand out as a stunning design feature. For clients who opt for large-scale extensions, single panels – or an entire strip along a landing, for example – not only have function, they can be considered an art installation due to their distinction.

Contact us in Reading about our designs and suggestions for naturally brightening up your home. Alternatively, enquire about the range of kitchen, large-scale, rear-facing, single-storey, and wraparound house extensions we produce to the highest standards.

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